I Found a Useful Video Titled “How to Fold a Shirt in Under 2 Seconds” on YouTube

Okay so this is not a serious FIRE post, but an incredibly useful video. Saving time on chores is worth…

FIRE September Update

This Month’s Story Progress to Early Retirement: 54.8%Progress to Financial Independence (3/4): 73.1%Progress to Half Annual Spending: 109.6%Percent Home Ownership:…

FIRE August Update

This Month’s story Progress to Early Retirement: 54.6%Progress to Financial Independence (3/4): 72.8%Progress to Half Annual Spending: 109.3%Percent Home Ownership:…

Solar Panels on an Electric Car

Toyota is putting solar panels on
test electric car with a bigger battery and efficency that could cover the energy needs for most everyday driving.

FIRE July Update

This is my month in review post with fresh charts. I talk about, oil purchases, running, a delay on our deck, and hint at some money moves that will be detailed in a further post.