Off Topic: Orionid Meteor Shower Today – Tomorrow

I love astronomy, and it’s my favorite hobby. There are two great meteor showers each year and this week has one of two. If you are into space, I suggest That’s one of my favorite places to get news. Almost every month there is a meteor shower. They actually aren’t 1 or 2 days long. The peak is, but most nights you can go out, if you are out in a reasonably dark place, you can see one. Rarely, when I am out doing astronomy for a few hours, do I not see a meteor. Always, I see satellites.

The point is that it’s free and really beautiful. As I always say, most areas in the world have astronomy clubs, even bright NYC has more than one. I have observed the planets from Central Park.

Here’s an excerpt from them that I want to repost:

THE ORIONID METEOR SHOWER: Earth is entering a stream of debris from Halley’s Comet, source of the annual Orionid meteor shower. Last night, NASA cameras detected half a dozen Orionid fireballs over the USA–numbers that will increase as the shower reaches its peak on Oct. 21-22. Orionid meteoroids hit Earth’s atmosphere at a sizzling 148,000 mph, faster than almost every other annual shower. This gives them an extra *pop* that’s worth waking up early to see. Visit for the full story.

A few other sites to consider to get some more news. Earth Sky has a good article on it for more information, and another great site that I like is

I mentioned fairly decent night sky, and if you are still reading, than let me explain what I mean. Check out this map. It will tell you where dark skies are anywhere in the world. To get some nice definition, check out the Bortle scale. This other blogger has a great image that illustrates why what it looks like in a real sky image. He also has a lot of great commentary, and let me suggest you take a look.

Anyway, I am massively into this hobby, and maybe one day I will share my equipment rack in a picture and video. I’ll have to cleanup my basement a bit first though!


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