NFL FIRE 5 Wise Players

I found an article here describing 5 NFL players who for all intents and purposes are FIRE enthusiasts.

My view on FIRE is always about living within your means and giving yourself the most options. The more resources you save, the better you will be able to handle life’s surprises. We all know that you could lose your job, have a health issue, or some other financial hardship. On the other side, a low pay, but high value to you, opportunity could come your way. If you are into FIRE, then you will be better placed for that opportunity.

Most of the people who read my blog are from the US, and most of us know a fair bit about the NFL. Even my wife’s family back in Europe knows some. I’m going to bring up a few points for the purpose of my argument, but forgive me if they are well known to you.

The NFL is hard business. The average player has a career that will last 3 years and the brain and body damage they trade for that opportunity. I love football, and have traded a lot of knee and ankle damage for my non commercial love of distance running. I was never particularly fast as runners go, but I love to run as much as I do playing football. I understand those who play and make that sacrifice.

These days, even more than in days gone by, I think players realize they are making a big sacrifice and trade for the love of a truly fun, but dangerous game.

The 5 men in this article seem to be wiser than most that I hear about in that, in spite of their huge salaries, they are living well below their means. The impact of their injuries will come, and their careers could be over in an instant from a freak injury. I recall what happened to Joe Theismann in that playoff game.Take a look at this link if you dare. Remember I saw it live as I was a fan of the man who caused the injury when it happened. I still like him, but that is besides the point.

I think the experience of NFL players is really an extreme version of life. We trade time for money. The question people should ask is if it’s worth it. Maybe saving 50% of your income is. Maybe 30% is right for you. Maybe something more extreme like those 5 players is the best option. The real point in this, and what the article got me thinking about is the fact that life can change quickly and the best thing you can do is to balance living and saving so that you have the best chance to react to what will come your way.

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