Woo hoo! Verizon turns on world’s first 5G network

Verizon 5G internet access to the home is available today. $50 a month for existing Verizon customers and $70 a month for new customers, you can cut the cable Internet cord and get 300 MBS with speeds up to a gigabit per second. Unfortunately this is only enforced cities in the US but the great news is it is in four cities in the US today.

At the end of the day doesn’t really matter if they offered my area though I suspect they will because I live in a fairly dense area. The fact is that somebody will and we will all benefit from the increased competition. I’m convinced of that.

I feel I should add that I’m paying more then $70 a month for only 200 MBS. This is just too great I cannot wait. Next year will be a great year for consumers of the Internet regardless of the means by which you connect.


  1. Maybe one day I’ll have access to 5G. I live in a mid-tier city and likely will be much lower on the totem pole. It’s nice to see we’re taking that next step towards options for service.

    I think we’re paying $55 for 25 Mbp/s right now from our local cable provider. I’d gladly pay less (I’m a Verizon customer) for faster services. What’s not to like about that?


    1. You are absolutely correct. That is just plain awesome. The big 3 (Vz, ATT, and TMobile) all predict most (51% to 80%) Americans will be able to buy this service by December 2019.


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