5G can disrupt the cable business, and Wall Street thinks it will

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Cable Companies Watch OUT!

The implications of 5G Wireless technology is fantastic for anybody who wants to save money let alone people in the fire community. What’s interesting here is and kind of the proof of that statement is the fact that according to this article the major cable companies in the United States are all preparing for the changes that will be caused by this new technology; more competition on price for internet access. Of course, what I’m talking about is for the first time in their existence they’re going to have competition as an ISP. They also think they will have to face more cord cutting.

What is 5G?

If you need a good primer on 5G wireless, this is the best one I could find.

DSl, ADSL, and Cable Modems

I want to point out that while ADSL was ahead of cable in the beginning, I had ADSL (advertised as DSL in most places), the data rates from cable service beat out DSL basically on day 1. Both were deployed in the US in the 90s, with DSL being in the early 90s, and cable internet in the late 90s to early 2000s. For me personally, I went from telephone modems, and several iterations of them from 1200 baud all the way up to 57600.  Around 1998 or 1999, I got DSL.  I got my first cable modem around 2002 or 2003, and have only had that for internet at home since.

Adam Smith would Say…

Competition is good for the consumer. I suspect that the cable companies will have to lower their rates for even internet access when this occurs. That would mean that even non cord cutters, like plenty of people that I know, will also benefit. This is how competition is good for everyone.

The Catch

Of course there are no dollar amounts but if they’re talking about significant additional subscriber loss from the cable companies due to competition from Wireless companies then they expect that wireless companies will be able to deliver high-speed Broadband for less money then the cable companies currently are. 5G if you read the technology news about it is initially likely going to be heavily used by static people, and that means home.  I think Motorola’s might be available by early 2019. The fact is that most of the talk in the trades is not for Mobile use but for use in the home. One of the ideas I’ve had although I haven’t seen anybody talked about would be for a battery powered Wi-Fi router that one could use in the home and take with them. Just like many of us take our roku’s with us right now, we could also take our home internet.

WiFi Hotspots are great to use, but will be BETTER

Now my phone Samsung GS7 and many many others also do that job. You can also currently by Wi-Fi hotspots for the LTE networks of all the US carriers. But a 5G hotspot that can be used in the home and then take him with you on trips would just be amazing. Think of driving with your kids and having them actually be able to watch your streaming stuff as if they were still at home. Imagine having to answer some kind of work page while traveling and being able to do that with ease. Obviously I’m talking about use cases for my life, but I’m sure there are many others that I’d love to hear about.

The Changes that are Coming

The fact is having home broadband on the road I think we’ll open up new opportunities 4 people. Certainly this is just technology that will help enable a more connected world. Admittedly I’m not sure I want that, as I can tell you that I don’t like using devices aside from safety ones like GPS (phone or stand alone devices) when I’m hiking or camping or just enjoying green spaces.

My Dream use case for this Tech

One of my dreams is to be able to play a FPS game with an augmented reality headset while outside in urban, rural, or forest environments. Imagine slaying digital dragons or digital aliens while hiking through the woods or even just playing with friends say on a football field.  This is something I hope to do with my son if it’s invented in time. 5G solves the data issue for that, and of course we’ll see if they ever invent the rest; Magic Leap’s current product not withstanding.

Finding the Balance

For me there is always the balance between saving money and enjoying life.  Notice how I started this article one way, and am finishing the other.  I noticed that, and now you know why I need a blog like this to help keep me honest. Toys are cool, and it’s difficult at times to remember that I don;t need them all!

So, am I crazy, or do you agree?  Are you a techie like me with a different opinion?

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