1 Week Expense tracking Update – And Yellow Jacket Nests Removal

So the app I found for free only shows data from the time period you check. I can choose weekly, monthly, or yearly. I can not compare week to week or anything, but I can export the data. Being a computer programmer, it will be easy enough to export the data, and perform that analysis with a program. A pretty image will take a bit more effort, but it might be easier to just show week to week in a table.

Come to think of it, as it stands now, I think that a simple week to week number on the total is a bit more interesting to me than the categories, and that is easily done.

Looking at the data, we spent most of this week’s money on food. We treat ourselves to going out once a week, usually with our son who is usually quite good in restaurants.  The kids fire tablet we bought him almost 2 years ago has held up well. Most of that entertainment money was spent at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome.  I highly recommend it to anyone in the area.  Our son, and my friend’s kids had a blast, and the adults could enjoy the show as well.  A week later my son is still talking about the bombs they dropped from the WW1 ear planes.  The “bombs” are practice ones, but they have pyrotechnics on the airfield as part of the story that explode to tell the story.  Fuel wasn’t too bad considering we had to drive about 6 hours these past 2 weekends for family trips above and beyond commuting.  It will be interesting to see these numbers change as time goes by.

As much as this seems silly, I am finding it difficult to do this tracking when I am not alone. My wife is not interested in doing this with me, which seems logical since I am not sure I want to do it. What’s distracting is talking to her and my son, as it should be. Still, I do want to make a good effort here. I find just keeping this in mind is making me a bit more frugal, which is the point of this exercise.

Still, that raises an important question, am I tracking only my spending or that of both of us. The answer I have chosen, is me only or joint spending when I am present. I know that is not really making the point of this, but to be fair, my wife was always frugal.  I have been the spender of the two of us, particularly in my early 20s.  This was really about me, and getting an idea about how we spend, so the test is valid.

That decided, what is the problem I am facing. I need to remember to do it.

Two nights ago we went out to dinner, and I forgot to record it. Fortunately, I recall the sum. I better write that now. After that, it was a trip to Walmart. We needed to buy a gift and a few things. (The chart above was updated after I remembered everything.)

One of the things we needed to buy was wasp spray. Yellow Jackets made a nest on my house and another colony has invaded a old vole hole near the house. I had sprayed the one on the house first. That killed enough of them so that I could knock the cover off the nest. Then another dose last night got the honeycomb amd the survivors.

The one in the ground was unsuccessfully attacked by me with the spray. I decided to try a controversial tactic; gasoline soaked paper towels stuck into the opening. It worked.  It took 2 doses over 3 days, but the buggers suffocated from the fumes with the towels stuffed down the entrance to the nests.

I knocked off the cover to the nest hanging from my eave with a shovel the night before I took this, 2 nights ago as  I write this.  I sprayed again, as they survived spray 2.  Hearty little buggers, but I can’t have them near my house.  As told my young son, over half our acre is forest.  They are too dangerous to allow to be near the house or on it, so they had to go.  It’s shame as I know they are some of the good bugs, but well  I recall what happened to a friend of mine when we were kids and he stepped on a ground nest; over 100 stings for him and 5 – 10 each for the rest of us.  I was lucky with 5, and we were all lucky in finding out that none of us were allergic! So they had to go, but the ones in the woods you can see in the lower part of my picture can stay.

I still need to knock the rest of that off my house, but I spent the day mowing, and that was more than enough work.  Due to all the rain this summer, I have missed a lot of chances to mow.  I mulch, so I can’t really do that with wet grass.  I file sharpen the blades each time, and my mower is great at it.  The trick is, sadly, to mow only 1/2 the width of the deck each time so that you double hit each spot.  It’s worth it though to not have to empty the bag each time.  Generally, when it’s long like it was this week, I bag about 20%, and mulch the rest.  It’s not what I normally do, but this summer has been way more rain here than normal!  We had over 9 inches so far this month alone compared to our normal 3.75 inches.  July was over double normal as well.   If you are into monitoring this stuff as much as I am let me suggest the official US drought monitor website.  Since we are on a well, I carefully monitor this stuff.


My area is around NYC, which you can see is free of our normal dryness.  The data on this site has a lot of history, and you can zoom in on regions and states.  It’s great stuff if you have time to look around.

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